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Through It All:
Turning Hardships into

In this engaging, entertaining, and heartfelt session, Madette, using the power of the spoken word, musical performances, and interactive elements, speaks to how life is a series of ups and downs. Life will always throw us challenges to overcome; it’s about how we perceive and handle them that we can get through it all. Sharing her ever-personal story of not fitting in with the “in-crowd” and having dealt with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, it was not until she found music - an outlet to release negative thoughts and feelings that she was able to turn her life around and build a fulfilling life and successful career.  For the times we feel discouraged, Madette teaches us that embracing our uniqueness, following our passion, finding a supportive community, and having a creative outlet are the keys to mental wellness and resilience.  When we turn our negatives into positives and surround ourselves with those that lift us up vs pull us down, we can come out on top!  How will you get through it all?  LEARNING OUTCOMES: - Embracing your own uniqueness and understanding that you are your own individual standard (self-acceptance)  - Having outlets to help get you through when life gets tough - Finding community

The Power of  

​Sharing her journey from being a shy young girl to becoming a performing artist and keynote speaker on big stages.  Madette's story is a testimony that you don't have to have it all figured out, moving toward your vision will lead the way. Madette shows us that no matter how impossible your dreams may seem, you can achieve what ever you set your mind to. LEARNING OUTCOMES: - Having a vision of who you want to become, along with patience and faith, are the keys to making your dreams a reality

Self-Expression Workshop  

Madette walks you through a series of self-expression techniques, such as songwriting, spoken word, singing, and playing piano/guitar, along with mindfulness practices to help you find your resilience.  (No music experience required)


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