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About Madette

Unleashing the power within, meet Mary "Madette" Mendoza, a trailblazing keynote speaker, performer and esteemed music educator, who leverages her hardships to help others. Prepare to be captivated and inspired by Madette's incredible journey - a true artist and passionate mental health advocate. 


Madette has made it her life's mission to spread hope and resilience to those suffering in silence.


Madette's transformative voyage began when she faced the challenges of anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder at a young age. Amidst these hardships, she discovered the healing benefits of music, using it as a powerful tool and outlet to turn her experiences into masterpieces. Now, she passionately shares her story with others, seeking to connect and inspire individuals from all walks of life. 


Her words have the power to move hearts and minds, as she unveils the secrets of transforming adversity into triumph. Through her compelling talks (including touching musical elements), Madette encourages her audience to harness their inner strength and create their own masterpieces in life.


Madette's impact doesn't end there. With a heart as vast as her talent, she founded the Resilient Musicians Academy, a nurturing haven where students find solace in creative self-expression and build emotional fortitude through the enchanting world of music.


As a certified practitioner in Mindfulness & Meditation from the esteemed U of T - School of Continuing Studies, Madette extends her healing touch to support women grappling with anxiety. Her online mindfulness meditation guidance offers a sanctuary for growth, healing, and empowerment.


From prestigious stages like Nathan Phillips Square, Brampton Rose Theatre, and St. Michael's School Centre for the Arts, to radio airplay on CBC, Jazz FM, and Jewel Radio, Madette's captivating performances leave an unforgettable mark on all fortunate enough to witness them.


In her transformative speeches and engaging workshops, Madette takes her audience on a deeply relatable mental health journey, forging meaningful connections and leaving an indelible mark on everyone she encounters.  With a steadfast commitment to encouragement, education, and entertainment, Madette's mission is one of resilience and self-discovery. 


Join her on this heartfelt journey of overcoming challenges and finding strength within yourself. Let Madette inspire you to unleash the power of resilience and discover the extraordinary potential that lies within. What masterpiece will you create? 

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